Clouds In Heaven
Comedy for Godmother

Confidentially, Chaikovski ( Chaikovski and Nadejda von Meck)
Young-Chaikovski-90x90Nadejda von Meck was a wealthy widow of 45 when she first encountered Chaikovski’s music. Overwhelmed by the beauty of what she heard, she decided to use part of her large fortune—the greatest fortune in all Russia—to support the composer, age 36. By mutual agreement the pair never met, though they occasionally made eye contact at concerts or at the opera house. Von Meck thought a face-to-face with her “artist/man” would only diminish her in his eyes… Read more

Cornets of Paradise (Emily Dickinson)
Emily-Dickinson-90x90It is said that many Emily Dickinson readers are possessed by her, and that is true of this reader. This may be less the case with Charles Ives, though his life and music are without parallel in the American experience. I wanted to put them together, these two most New England originals, and see what might happen. had the opportunity during a Cultural Forum in Tucson, Arizona titled Transcendent Thought, an explorations… Read more

Fiddle Lesson for Albert
Pluto Déjà Vu
Sarabande for Ezra
The Combination

The offerings here range from historical to imaginary – characters and settings dreamed up. I would only add that often the historical plays seem dreamy and made up, while the imaginary are more concrete and of this earth. For further information, please contact my representative Sanda Schuldmann, at Schuldmann & Associates

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