Harry Clark, playwright

Thanks for dropping by.

This website was created to publicize globally the unusual body of work created by Harry Clark who also contributed the content for this website. Hence, the style is in the  first person.

Most of my works with music have been performed by major actors, such as Louis Gossett Jr, Lynn Redgrave, Hayley Mills,  to name but a few. I hope that it may spark your interest in performing or staging my works as well.

The plays and theatrical portraits are presented here under four categories: Plays Without Live Music, Plays With Live Music, Theatrical Portraits with Live Music, Theatrical Portraits With Orchestra. You can find them under WORKS FROM A to Z.

Each is accompanied by casting and musical requirements (if required), the nature of the set (if required), and a short commentary on the work.

Enjoy your visit and feel free to contact me with any thoughts, requests or inquiries that you may have.